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W hy Red Blood Cells? We were looking for some image that would universally symbolize and appeal to our kind: diabetics. (Or if you prefer, Persons With Diabetes). Actually, our first thought was the ubiquitous glucometer, those nasty little cell phones we all carry to call and check in on our diabetes. But we didn’t want to favor one brand over another, and besides meters are only technology. Part of the treatment. We wanted something more fundamental, elemental.

Thus, it is the humble red blood cell, sensitive to sugar, bringer of life-giving oxygen, that we latched on to. Who among us, who worry about our blood so much, wouldn’t recognize the red blood cell?

Red Blood Cell Books has four tiles currently available for purchase. Rest assured more are coming. Already, we have three more titles in various phases of “production” and there is no shortage of ideas on the table.

We’re also working on some fun stuff outside of the book realm. So who are we? Well, we are you. The folks behind Red Blood Cell Books are diabetics of various flavors. We’ve got some T-1s, T-2s, a pre-diabetic or two, and a handful of Type-3’s—the non-diabetic loved ones of any of the above.

We have a unique and deep understanding of this disease because we live with it every minute of every hour of every day. We understand that our future is in our own hands. We love our doctors and nurses and educators. But it is our disease and we are best equipped to help each other.

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