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Foreword by Howard Zisser, MD

About Dr. Zisser


Section one: Foundation

Chapter 1—So what the hell is CGM, anyway?

Chapter 2—Wait a minute, how does CGM actually work?

Chapter 3—So why bother with CGM in the first place?

Chapter 4—The nuts and bolts of CGM systems

Section two: Floor

Chapter 5—Ready . . . (using CGM mentally)

Chapter 6—Set . . . (understanding and programming alarms)

Chapter 7—Go! (using CGM physically)

Chapter 8—Sensor A-B-Cs

Chapter 9—Critical calibration

Chapter 10—Data overload and solutions

Section three: Walls

Chapter 11—Daily life with CGM

Chapter 12—Travel with CGM

Chapter 13—Living with, and loving, CGM

Section four: Roof

Chapter 14—Who needs CGM? Do you?

Chapter 15—Harsh realities: can you afford CGM?

Chapter 16—Final thoughts and summary

Appendix A—Things to think about when comparing CGM systems

Appendix B—Blind CGMs

Appendix C—The Art of Control

Appendix D—A family tradition






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