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R eviews of, honors for, and reader feedback about
The Born-Agian Diabetic

A peak honor...
The Born-Again Diabetic was honored as a NABE Summer 2011 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winner in the “How To” category. This is the book’s fourth award.

An international honor...
The Born-Again Diabetic was selected as a finalist in the Health Book Category of the 2010 International Book Awards. This is the third award for the book.

David Forbes, PhD candidate,
Curtin University of Technology
Edgewater, Western Australia

“I have just completed my reading of ‘The Born Again Diabetic’. I now have a much improved appreciation of the lifestyle imposed upon diabetics – and I am no longer afraid to use that term . . . I enjoyed reading this very handy book because it enabled me to begin to grasp the human interaction issues that I will be confronting. I did not have to dwell too long on medical jargon and technicalities; I did not lose sight of the fact that diabetes both invades and incessantly pervades the quality of human life; and yet there are options and choices that offer justifiable optimism. At a time when I am drowning in academic Journals and learning to cope [in my sixties] with some very advanced and extensive library resources; and while standing in line at a campus coffee shop among the multi-ethnic ‘X, Y and whatever’ generations of students, it is good to carry a 'feet on the ground' piece of literature – the book will never be too far away.”

Still the bride’s maid...
We keep hoping to win an award so we can say “the award-winning book by....”; but once again we are a runner up. Still, we honored to be in such good company. We just received word that The Born-Again Diabetic was selected as a finalist in the Health/Wellness Category of the 2009 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

An award (of sorts)
Our book was honored by the NIEA as a Finalist in the Health Book Category of the 2009 National Indie Excellence Awards!

Excerpts from Six Until Me review by
Kerri Morrone Sparling, Type-1 Diabetic
“Just as I had expected, and hoped, Will's book is written in the same totally accessible, completely approachable style as his blog. He may be a diabetic and a diabetes educator, but he's truly a "diabetic of the people," as exemplified by the very title of Chapter 1: What the hell is diabetes, anyway? Throughout the course of Will's 14 chapter journey, he takes us through diagnosis, diabetes hardware like meters and CGMs, A1C tests, the differences between type 1 and type 2 diabetes, oral meds, insulin, and the gritty chapter called "Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll." Okay, so this all sound familiar, right? Same sorts of topics, same rehashed information, same ... disease, right? That everyone else and their grandmother has written about? Yes indeed. But what makes this book different is that it is actually readable. In my job and through blogging, I've been sent many books from publishers and authors, and I have to be honest - some are an effort to plod through. With Will's book, it was like having an old friend (Not OLD, Will, but more like longtime. Don't send me a nasty email.) explain diabetes to a coffeehouse of people, and I'm sitting there laughing, nodding, and going, “Yes, that's right.”
To read the whole review go to SixUntilMe

Jim Anthony, Ph.D., Type-2 Diabetic
“A stunningly excellent book: crisp, clean, elegant, no nonsense, no bullshit--you are a credit to the human race.”

Excerpts from THE B.A.D. BLOG review by
George Whittier, Type-1 Diabetic
“It is not like any other diabetes book I have read. It is funny, to the point, pulls no punches and covers everything! I should tell you that I am not a reader. It takes me forever to finish any book. I plowed through this book and honestly, want to read it again. It was filled with so much and some things I never knew. I learned a ton and had a great time doing it. Perfect balance right?”
To read the whole review go to THE B.A.D. BLOG

Joanne Welsh, Type-1 Diabetic
“I am T-1 for over 40 years, but your book tells me things no doctor has ever covered, even when lecturing on the dangers of "non-compliance". Many of the things are scary, but it's a great wake-up call; I'm already getting religion. Can I get an ‘amen’?”

Excerpts from the Diabetes Mine review by
Amy Tenderich, Type-1 Diabetic
“Whether you’re a Type 1 or a Type 2, whether you’ve had diabetes for two years or 20, if you’re someone who’s had that “aha” moment where you realize you’ve been “slipping” and it’s time to get back on track with your diabetes, this is the little book for you! Among the many diabetes titles out there, two things stand out about this book: (1) It’s the only book I know of aimed at this particular audience — not the newly diagnosed, but those of us who’ve been floating around with this disease for a while, and need a kick in the pants, and/or that extra plain-spoken bit of education that will open our eyes to “doing diabetes better,” as it were. (2) The no-holds-barred style. Reading this book is like having a heart-to-heart talk with a fellow patient who has definitely been there and done that. Expect the cold, hard truth, and even a little profanity here and there, in a good way. You will never doubt that Wil is laying it all on the line. If I haven’t illustrated it clearly enough yet, my take is that this book is as entertaining as it is extremely useful. Unlike other D-titles, it’s not something to share with your friends and loved ones. It is for YOU, the person with diabetes, to have a helpful and helluvan honest D-Friend in your pocket when you need one. What more could you ask for?”
To read the whole review go to Diabetes Mine

Janet Mason, RN
School Health Advocate
NM Department of Health
“What a book! I read it cover-to-cover in a day—I want everyone to read it. Finally, after 40+ years of nursing I understand diabetes enough to move away from my fear and overwhelment and possibly be present to support a diabetic or PWD…Thank you. Your story and swear words kept the information grounded in the reality of a relationship—the only we can learn and change.”

Lee also reports to us that he was at a Diabetes Advisory Council meeting recently and had quite a few people come up to him and say “I got an email from Janet about your book and she said I had to read it…”
Thanks Janet!

Marti Rodriguez, Type-1 Diabetic
and mother of our clinic’s janitor!
“I devoured your book quicker than I do an apple (my favorite fruit). Absolutely a great book—could not put it down. I told you I love to read & especially if it helps me out with (our) problem. Laughed a lot—and could not believe your vice and almost fell out my chair when you used some of the Ps & Qs, or should I say F’s :-) No—I’m not a prude—I just never expected to see those words & not from someone as sweet as you, I guess. I learned a whole lot—I’ve been on thyroid med for years and have been popping it together with the rest of my meds for that long—no one ever said anything—new routine. I guess it’s like you said ‘we learn something new every day.’ Enclosed is a check to cover the book—I don’t intend to give it back :-) too much good info. Anyhow—thanks for sharing—I thank God I came to know you. He alone is in charge, I know that much, but We must do our part in this combat of numbers. May God continue to bless you—guide you, and give you much wisdom to share with us less fortunate souls who need you.”

Laura G, “Undercover” Type-1 Diabetic
“I just finished your book a little while ago and I'm so pleased that it exists, that you wrote it, and that you're doing what you do every day. That book is terrific, educational, and incredibly funny. I love your take on dietary approaches--one tortilla at a time, getting from 12 to 11 beers (!)...and practical, logical management of Type 2 meds and life on insulin. I wish I could buy 1,000 of these books and send one to every CDE in the country. It would help bring the last-century ones up to speed, and provide the currently trained ones with some sorely needed real-life wisdom. I'd love to be doing diabetes peer education like those people working with you. I hope your vision of diabetic community health, DDEs and peer educators begins to spread outward and catch hold in more parts of the country. I'm thrilled that you're out there teaching others to teach. Who would ever want to go see a non-type 1/2/3 CDE anyway? (CNDE!)”

Jean H. Dubois, Type-3 Diabetic--and the author’s mother
(upon hearing that the book had been selected as a text for the University of New Mexico’s “Perspectives in Diabetes” class)

“I wish your father were alive to see this day. He’d be so proud.”

Yep, Lee’s Dad was a college professor, as was his grandfather.

Excerpts from the DiabetesDaily review by
Scott K. Johnson, Type-1 Diabetic
“I thought the book would be "dumbed down" to appeal to a larger target audience. I'm not sure how to express my expectations exactly, but my expectations were exceeded by page 7. And they were exceeded by a lot. I was very quickly enveloped by Wil's writing, almost exactly how I was captured by his blog posts. Wil has a special talent for carrying the reader through the pages, much like inner-tubing down a lazy river (just float on the tube and let the river carry you along). It was a fantastic ride that had me laughing out loud, "hmmm"'ing to myself as a point he made sunk in, and being unable to put the book down until it was so late at night that my eyelids refused to open after blinking.......Wil put extra effort in not only the content and quality of the content, but also the physical book itself. Hardcover, high quality binding, top of the line paper. All of the little things that make a book even more enjoyable, beyond the words inside....... Wil - I love the book, and wish you incredible success with it. You have my standing order for any future books you write, no questions asked. It could be a book about techniques for dusting ceiling fans, and I'd be all over it. Yes, you are that good.”
To read the whole review go to DiabetesDaily

And, yep, Wil is hard at work on that Ceiling Fan Dusting book... ;-)

Mary Catherine Baechtel, Type-3 Diabetic
(originally posted as a comment at LifeAfterDx)

“I read your book today. Wil, you are brilliant! My 11 year-old daughter has T1. I had to keep stopping to read passages to her. We were both laughing so hard at your description of giving your first injection. It was exactly what she went through. I'm a T3 and I want all of my diabetic siblings to read it but I'll be damned if I'll give up my copy. I just ordered two additional copies and will get two more as soon as I get their mailing addresses. Hurry up and write the next book.”By the way, Mary was the second person in the world to buy an advanced copy. She has now bought 5 coppies. We really, really, really love Mary! When we asked her if we could post her comment here she added: “Of course you can use my comment as a wholehearted endorsement. Your book is so insightful, I believe every diabetic who reads it will learn something from it. Maybe a little and maybe a lot, but enough that it will improve and maybe even extend their life with diabetes. That's why I bought a copy for each of the diabetics in my life. Besides, reading it was a real hoot!”

Rick W, Type-1 Diabetic
posted on

“I've been a diabetic of over 40 years and got more out of this one book then from all the doctors, diabetic educators, books, and leaflets that I've encountered combined. Lee provides an easy to understand formula for managing diabetes. I highly recommend this book for both diabetics, people that live with diabetics (type 3's), and maybe some doctors too. Finally a book for diabetics written by a diabetic. You WILL be informed and laugh at the same time. Thanks Lee for putting things in prospective!”

Advanced praise for The Born-Again Diabetic
(this was some of the feedback we got before the book “hit the streets”)

Richard Pacheco, Type-2 Diabetic
“I read the manuscript of your book, BORN AGAIN DIABETIC, on Sunday afternoon while I was taking some time off from taking care of sick relatives. I initially thought that I would only read a few pages but once I started reading, I just could not stop. I found it fascinating and extremely informative. Moreover, I found it quite entertaining because your unique and pleasant sense of humor came through, it turned what would normally be a dry and serious subject, into an entertaining book. This publication is probably the best written and the most informative book that I have ever read. And, I have read many books over the years on the subject. Any wise person knows that: knowledge is powerful and you certainly have the expertise to empower others in their struggle with this chronic disease. Diabetes is a very serious matter and I think that many diabetics get to the point to where we feel overwhelmed by the many factors associated with its’ management and dealing with the many other related effects from the condition. Your approach and sense of humor takes the edge off and enables us to approach the disease with a new vision and attitude. Thank you so very much for your work and I thank God everyday that our paths crossed. Two years ago, I had given up and had resigned myself to the idea that all the sweetness in my life was gone and that the only thing I had to look forward to was to a life of further degradation of my health and an inability to have any control over my disease. You and your book have changed that. Diabetics can get lost in the shuffle and chaos of this disease but you have shown me that this condition is only something that I have to deal with, but with the right attitude and management strategy, does not have to be a dead-end road.”

Kathleen Colleran, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine
Medical Director of the Metabolic Clinic
University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center
“I am about a third of the way through it. I have to keep stopping so I do not pee in my pants from laughing. Its brilliant.”
Note: Dr. C later agreed to write the forward for the book!

Elaine Montaño, MSN CFNP, and a Type-1 Diabetic herself
Owner & Medical Director, LifeCare Health Services
Certified in Advanced Diabetes Care

“Yesterday I had a patient come in to my office who had stopped taking his meds. He had given up hope. You must get that book published, and now. I wished I could have given him a copy, because it is full of information and a blast to read, but most importantly, it carries a message of hope….and that is what we are in need of most of all.”

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