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Beyond Fingersticks

And the winner is.... Us!
took the top slot in the New Mexico Book Awards 2011 Health Book Category.


Excerpts from the review by Bernard Farrell, Type-1 Diabetic
“I’d been using a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) from Dexcom for almost 4 years when I read Beyond Fingersticks. At that stage I figured I already knew all I needed to use my CGM effectively. Boy was I wrong.”
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Number Six!
We’ve just leaned that Beyond Fingersticks was honored as an Award-Winning Finalist in the Health: Medical Reference category of The USA “Best Books 2011” Awards, sponsored by USA Book News.


If Beyond Fingersticks was a fighter pilot, it would now be an Ace!
We’ve just leaned that our CGM book is in the running to win a New Mexico Book Award in the Health category, the fifth honor for the title. We won’t know until late November if we took the top slot or a finalist placement, but our fingers are crossed!


The envelope please...
The results of the 2011 Readers Favorite Awards are in and Beyond Fingersticks took the Bronze.


A Five Star Review!
Today we learned that Beyond Fingersticks received a Five Star Review from the team at Reader’s Favorite. Check it out here


More popular by the day...
Today we learned that Beyond Fingersticks is a finalist in the Reader’s Favorite book awards in the Health/Medical Category. We won’t know for a month if we took the gold, silver, bronze, or runner-up medal! It’s gonna be a long month...


Holy cow! A third award!
Today we learned that Beyond Fingersticks was awarded an Honorable Mention in the Reference Book Category of the prestigious Eric Hoffer Awards.


Hooray! Another award!
Our CGM book was honored by the NIEA as a Finalist in the Specialty Books Category of the 2011 National Indie Excellence Awards!

Medal winner
We just received word that Beyond Fingersticks was honored with a finalist medal in the Health/Wellness Category of the 2011 Next Generation Indie Book awards!


Excerpts from the Diabetes Mine review by Amy Tenderich, Type-1 Diabetic
“Beyond Fingersticks is the kind of guidebook that we ought to carry in our pockets for the plain old daily grind of diabetes. It is frank and honest, but not patronizing or boring like many medical guides. Wil is clear and informative while staying convivial, funny, and down-to-earth. If you don’t mind the many F-bombs, I daresay you will love Wil in this book.”
To read the whole review go to Diabetes Mine

Excerpts from the Trying to be Human review by Araby 62 a.k.a. Kathy, Type-1 Diabetic
“I really liked the structure of the content--I remember reading Wil's original post and 'Art of War' analogy, and it makes perfect sense to base the book on it. One thing that really rings true for CGMS for me is "watching the flow" instead of the actual numbers. It has been priceless to know whether I'm dropping or rising, even when the values are several points off from fingersticks. I also liked Chapter 9's advice on calibration. This was totally new information to me and is already helping me get more out of the readings. . . Wil also covers some real-world issues in section three (chs. 11-13) that CGM makers usually leave out when they tell you about their systems. (For example, it's comforting to learn that I'm not the only one who ever ripped out a sensor in the bathroom!) ”
To read the whole review go to Tyring to be Human

Scott K. Johnson, Type-1 Diabetic & D-blogger
Beyond Fingersticks is the perfect title for an artful piece that helps us see blood-sugar for what it really is. Living, moving, chaotic fluid. To make any sense out the information gushing out of our CGM's, we need to change the way we think about blood sugar. Beyond Fingersticks helped me break away from the mindset I've been using for so long, that blood sugar is a fixed number. With memorable quotes and crystal clear visualizations, this book is the first of its kind to talk about Continuous Glucose Monitors in the trenches of diabetes management.”
Scott has also written a review of the book at Diabetes Daily

Laura G, “Undercover” Type-1 Diabetic
“You certainly deserve some kind of reward for writing this book. It could only have been written by a seasoned and very honest diabetic, a world-class teacher, an experienced clinician, and a storyteller. Maybe I just like thinking about how people think about math, but I think the conceptual transition from BG tests (Rock on, A+! F, I suck!) to real-time, fast-changing info makes a great story. You put it all together and did it! So what could be an appropriate gift, a trophy of sorts?

Well, I have just the thing. I'm sending you something with some serious sentimental value that I hope you can use in your office as a conversation piece: my 1979 Ames Eyetone Reflectance Meter. I was diagnosed in Dec 1979 and along with teaching me how to do urine tests and showing me how to inject 20 u of NPH every morning and hope for the best...the folks at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh also recommend I try this other thing, this brand new thing that people had just started using to test their own blood at home, this big black box that could kind of...supplement your urine-test chart, said the nurses.

I've been hanging on to this little piece of diabetes history all these years thinking I'd sell it to the Joslin Clinic for a pretty penny for their museum after there was a cure. But since that hasn't happened, I want to send it to a fellow PWD that is seeing patients, teaching, writing and telling stories. (I surely wish I had known someone like you to give me a hand back in 1979.) Enjoy it for a while, then sell it to a museum if the time comes.”
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Rabbi Hirsch Meisels
Jewish Friends with Diabetes International
“The first time I read a book that even the 'glossary' was so interesting. Beautiful book.”

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