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I t is no secret that we here at Red Blood Cell Books absolutely love books. We like the tactile feel, the smell of ink on paper, the weight of a book on our laps. We enjoy the process of reading, slowly flipping from page to page. So we all needed a stiff drink when we saw the latest statistics on how few Americans read books. At least books printed on paper.

It seems that there are some new kids on the block. All sorts of small devices that can store a good many good books as zeros-and-ones. Kindle, Mobipocket, the Apple iPhone, and the Sony Reader. These are all ways that many of our peers like to get their information, their knowledge.

And knowledge is our real businesses here at Red Blood Cell Books….oops, we may have to change our name to Red Blood Cell Media or some such…we strongly believe that knowledge is power, and it is our goal to empower as many folks with diabetes as we can, in whatever way we can.

So we are throwing our prejudices to the four winds and diving into the deep end of the electronic pool.

You can get The Born-Again Diabetic for Kindle here.
Or you can get The Born-Again Diabetic for Barnes & Noble Nook Book here.

You can get Taming the Tiger for Kindle for only 99˘ here.

You can get Beyond Fingersticks for Kindle for only $4.95 here.

You can get Diabetes Warrior for Kindle for only $2.99 here.

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