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P rescribing isn’t just for doctors anymore!
We’re willing to bet you know at least a couple of people who should really read our first book, The Born Again Diabetic. Books make great gifts, but maybe it’s too long to the next appropriate book-giving holiday. Nooooooooooooo problem, just prescribe the book!


Printer-ready book Prescription

Just click on the link above to open a printer-friendly PDF file, then click on “print” and your printer will spit out a professional looking “prescription” for The Born Again Diabetic. Just fill in your “patient’s” name, the date, and sign it.

The script shows your diabetic pals that you love them. It also has all the information they need to find the book. It has our web address and the book’s ISBN, which stands for International Standard Book Number. An ISBN is like a book’s social security number. Only this book has this number, and no other. Bookstores and folks like Amazon can use this number to find us.

Attention Diabetes Educators and Primary Care Docs: we’ll be a happy to supply you with a pad of pre-printed scripts you can carry in your pocket when meeting with your patients. We offer this service ‘cause fitting a computer printer in your pocket is awkward.

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