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R esources

William “Lee” Dubois is the author of our inaugural title. You can visit his diabetes blog LifeAfterDx to see what else he's is up to.

One of our favorite places to start our diabetes day is Amy Tenderich’s Diabetes Mine blog. It is actually somewhat unfair to call this wonderful site a blog. Think of it as the New York Times of Diabetes. She is a professional journalist who was an adult-onset T-1 Diabetic. If something is going on in the D-world, she’ll know about it. We always start our day here. Just in case a cure was found overnight.

You should also visit our buddy Kerri Morrone Sparling’s site SixUnitlMe. She’ll probably get mad at us for saying this in print, but “Six” is the undisputed homecoming queen of the D-net (the diabetes on-line universe). And we mean that in the best possible way. She’s sweet, spunky, and a ever-so-talented writer. If you read her stuff, you can’t help but fall in love with her.

Of course there are thousands of places on the web that are great to go for information, support, and community.

A cknowledgments We’d like to extend a special thank you to Adam Woodhouse of the UK who designed and made available to all his “red blood cell brush” tool for Photoshop CS. We used his cleaver tool to make the red blood cells in our logo. You can visit this talented engineer and artist here.

Also giving credit where credit is due, the red blood cells on the covers of our books are licensed images of Zygote Media Group, Inc. You can see all their cool medical artwork at 3dscience.

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