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A bout our first book:

Our inaugural best-selling title was The Born Again Diabetic: the handbook to help you get your diabetes in control (Again) by William “Lee” Dubois, with a foreword by Kathleen Colleran, MD, a noted endocrinologist.

You can watch an online video of Dr. Colleran talking about diabetes here, and in the second half of the flick you’ll see Lee working one-on-one with one of his patients!

The book is a hard-cover “printed case” book; mainly because we all just love hard-cover books, but we’re not too keen on dust jackets. The printed case “embeds” the cover art into the hardcover; then it is protected by a clear film laminate. Bottom line: a book that’s as handsome five years from now as the day you first see it.

A nice little book to curl up with on a cold night, the book is five-and-three-quarters inches wide by six-and-three-quarters high. It’s 224 pages long, so it’s about an inch thick.

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The Born Again Diabetic is written specifically for the previously diagnosed diabetic who has….well, who has fallen off the wagon, as it were.

Quite a lot is written about, and for, the newly diagnosed patient. That’s great. We are all for it, and we are even have a title for those folks. But we don’t think that is where the greatest need lies. From what we see in our clinics and practices, there is a second, shadow epidemic lurking. The “treated” patient who, for a large variety of reasons, has lost control. Sometimes life gets in the way, sometimes a patient gets bad medical advice, sometimes shit just happens.

We, and remember we are you—we are diabetics too—strongly believe that no matter what the state of your health is, you can get better. And that is what this book is about.

The book’s charter is to remind you of the things you forgot, update you on things that have changed, and teach you the things you never learned. It is written in a conversational style, but is packed with information. Our goal was to make it so much fun to read that you wouldn’t even realize that we had tricked you into learning something.

It is a self help book. A motivational book. A disease physiology book. It deals with the nuts and bolts of diabetes, the complications, and the medications. It also helps us,diabetic patients, to navigate the minefield of family, society, and economy. It gives those of you out-of-control the tools you need not just to survive, but to thrive.

rating If this book were a video game it would be labeled MATURE for a sprinkling of explicit language and for deadly serious subject matter.

Only $19.95!

Need to know more? Click here to read more about what’s between the covers!

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A bout the author:

William “Lee” Dubois is the Diabetes Coordinator for a northern New Mexico community health center, that despite being in the one of the poorest counties in the nation, stays on the cutting edge of treatment using the latest medications, technology, and progressive patient-centered support and education programs. Nope! He won’t say which center ‘cause his boss is a lawyer and all…. Lee manages a staff of 8, and has pioneered the Diabetes Peer Educator model, using volunteer diabetics to help other patients in ongoing free diabetes education programs.

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Lee, a Type-1 Diabetic, sits on assorted boards and committees that deal with diabetes in his state, but he also writes to extend a helping hand to patients too far away for him to help directly. In fact, he is a prolific writer and is the author of the long-running internet blog LifeAfterDx which chronicles his experiences with the early continuous glucose monitoring technology, his thoughts on diabetes and health politics, and his daily life living with diabetes. Lee is currently in the process of writing his next book for Red Blood Cell Books.

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