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A bout Diabetes warrior: Be your own knight in shining armor

William “Lee” Dubois has done it again! Following up his wildly popular first-year diabetes pocket survival guide Taming the Tiger: Your first year with diabetes, with a brand new pocket survival guide that’ll take you to the next level.

There’s a lot to learn about taking care of yourself and your diabetes after the first year, but why not have fun doing it? This sequel to Taming the Tiger packs the fundamentals of what you need to know going forward into a small, fun, funny, and quick read. Using the analogy of a medieval suit of armor, Lee leads us through the maze of medications, actions, and behaviors that make up our modern “armor” against diabetes…. Dragons?

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Well, you can’t very well talk about knights and armor without talking about dragons, now can you? So join us for this humorous romp through diabetes education and find out why LDL Cholesterol is the Evil Wizard, where you should park your steed at Wal-Mart, what to eat at the Round Table, why you should always wear your sabatons, and much, much more.

Diabetes Warrior is the same pocketable 3 1/8 inches by 4 3/4 inches as the multi-award-winning Tiger book is, but packs about half again as many pages. After all, Lee had more ground to cover. This isn’t just a year. This is the rest of your life. Not to worry, Diabetes Warrior will still slip right into your pocket without stretching the seams! Like it’s predecessor, it’s a “perfect” bound paperback.

Only $11.95!

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A bout the author:

William “Lee” Dubois (called either Wil or Lee, depending what part of the internet you’re on) is a multi-award winning author and diabetes columnist. He pens an edgy Dear Abby-style advice column every Saturday at Diabetes Mine ; writes the Diabetes Simplified column for dLife ; and is one of the ShareCare diabetes experts. His work also appears in Diabetic Living magazine, the largest-circulation diabetes magazine in the country.

As time allows, he still writes at his original blog, Life After Dx , one of the early diabetes social media sites. He has type 1 diabetes and wears an insulin pump and a CGM.

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In addition to writing, Dubois has spent the last half-dozen years running the diabetes education program for a rural non-profit in the mountains of New Mexico, in the fifth-poorest county in the United States. He’s one of the original community faculty members for the University of New Mexico’s Project ECHO Diabetes Specialist program, an internet telemedicine training initiative for community health workers.

He says he’ll get some rest after the cure.

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