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V olume discounts for service clubs, non-profits, and institutional purchases

Our Taming the Tiger title is a survival guide to help the newly diagnosed diabetic make it through the first year with a minimum of suffering, confusion, and depression. Our dream is to have Tiger books available, at no cost, to the newly diagnosed at their doctorís offices, clinics, or pharmacies. The sooner the information is in their hands, the sooner they return to health.

But that is no small task. More than 4,000 Americans are diagnosed with diabetes every single day. Often, they are very sick at the point of diagnosis. They are in no shape to go in search of the information that they need.

This is where you can help.

Our mission here is to get as much knowledge into the most number of hands as humanly possible. So, with this dream in mind weíve put together some creative plans for those who want to help the patients who need help the most.

Yeah, you're right. Diabetes is our religion and we are missionaries.

Plans for local service clubs

Everyone is touched by diabetes. It may touch you directly. It may touch a loved one. A relative either near or far. Even if you donít know a single person with diabetes, it still touches your wallet in the form of the crushing costs to our economy that poorly controlled diabetes costs us as a nation.

For service clubs who want to help get information out to their communities we have three plans to help:

$ 250 buys thirty Tiger books, a 17% discount

$ 500 buys seventy-five Tiger books, a 33% discount

$ 1,000 buys two hundred customized Tiger books, with your club's logo and message, a 50% discount!

Make the Tiger your own! Any volume order of over 200 books can be customized with your organizationís logo. We replace the retail bar code on the back cover and drop in your art work. We need a JPEG of your logo emailed to us, please scale to 300 dpi, no more than one inch across. Logos can be full color. Please note that your art work may not be designed to suggest an endorsement of your organization by Red Blood Cell Books or the author. The purpose of back-cover customization is to simply give credit where credit is due.

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We supply you with the books, shipping them to your club free of charge, and your club distributes them to doctorís offices, clinics, or pharmacies. You know your communities. You know where the need is best.

Plans for non-profits and institutions

For larger organizations wanting to make a greater impact on diabetes we offer the following large volume discounts (available with either the standard back cover, or customized with your organizationís logo):

1,000Tiger books at $4.50 each, a 55% discount

2,500Tiger books at $4.00 each, a 60% discount

5,000Tiger books at $3.50 each, a 65% discount
Please contact Red Blood Cell Books for payment arrangements. Thank you.

10,000 or moreTiger books at $3.00 each, a 70% discount
Please contact Red Blood Cell Books for payment arrangements. Thank you.

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